Open Water Swimming

Experience Open Water Wild Swimming Lagoon at Buckland Park Lake, Nr Reigate in Surrey

It's time to lose the lane ropes!

Enjoy the challenge of an open water swim. Commune with nature whilst achieving those personal goals, shedding those pounds and meeting like minded people. Cold water can increase energy levels, nerve endings stand up and your heart starts racing – it is the best possible way to get a natural high.

During Covid 19 Easing we have different rules and procedures. 


All Swimming Sessions MUST be pre booked via the website.
Please note if we do not have any bookings on a session the lagoon maybe closed, if you want to swim it is essential that you book.
Please do not just turn up and presume you will be able to swim. 

You are Welcome to Book with us for swimming If:

1: You and all of your household are not showing any Covid 19 related symptoms and you are in general good health.

2: Your age 16 or above. (If under 16 and you have swum in our Junior sessions this summer you can now join adult sessions)

3: You have your own wetsuit and equipment (including bright coloured swim hat.

4. You can swim 500m continuously.

5. You have completed the booking form via the link below.
If you are new to open water swimming at the SHAC please click here to register and book.

If you are already a registered SHAC swimmer please 

Swimming sessions for September 

Sunday 09.00 - 11.00

Tuesday 09.30  - 11.00

Wednesday 16:00 - 17.00

Saturday 09.00 - 11.00

If you are new to open water swimming at the SHAC please click here to register and book.

If you are already a registered SHAC swimmer please 

As the season starts to change from Summer to Autumn and the water temperature starts to drop, remember to come to your open water swim session prepared for post swim warming up.

Winter Swimming Advice:
No 1: wooly hat - we loose most heat through our heads. This is a quick and effective way of bringing up core temperature..
No 2: Hot Drink - This helps warm the core temperature from the inside and if in a mug helps warm hands.
No.3: Easy to get on warm Jacket like a #changerobe #dryrobe or #swimzi.

No 4: Start taking daily cold showers now to build up your bodies preparation and acclimatisation for the winter season ahead.

No 5: Be prepared with the right equipment: 


As the water temperature drops we need to become more aware of the dangers. hypothermia can go unnoticed and set in fast so reduce your swim time, it becomes Less about the distance you swim and more about the benefits of the cold water both mentally and physically but we must become aware of any changes in our body as an indication that our time is up. Less is more.

We swim year round at the SHAC and we will be running our Cold Water Swimming Course within the next few weeks which will include a block booking of 6 swims. Cold water swimming has to be a regular thing to allow the body to acclimatise to the cold water over a period time.
Look out for notices coming soon on our social Media if you're interested in continuing to swim into the winter. 

#openwaterswimming #coldwaterswimming #swimsafe #theshac

Please watch our Covid Safe Procedure Film

Parents that are also swimmers can book a place with there junior and swim at the same time. In this case please book for both of you so we can continues to manage our numbers effectively to maintain social distancing.

Junior swim explained:

Introduction to Open Water Swimming Courses now available under our new covid safe procedures: 
Groups of 5:1 instructor £72.00
Our 2020 introduction to open water swimming courses are now available to book, if you are new to open water swimming or are nervous about taking the next step then this is the course for you:

1:1 and 1:2 Introduction to Open Water Swimming courses also available at £99.00 per person, to book a 1:1 - 1:2 session please email 

The SHACs Standard terms and conditions for when we return to normal times.

For all our latest updates please follow us on Facebook:

A pre-booked swim costs £9.60 & if you decide to pay on arrival the price is £12.00. 

 If we need to cancel a session for any reason, (usually stormy weather) we will notify swimmers who 
have booked directly & others, publicly through our social media.
The SHAC have a comprehensive training programme for beginners & more experienced swimmers. 
The introduction to Open Water Swimming course is perfect for swimmers who are new to the sport & 
swimmers who are a bit rusty or not confident. 
These sessions are a great way to meet other swimmers & offer the potential to find swimming buddies.
Open Water Swimming Stroke Analysis:
If you are looking to improve your open water swimming techniques our Stroke Analysis session is a 1:1 
or 1:2 session with one of our OW swimming coaches. 
They will identify parts of your stroke that could be adjusted to improve your technique and efficiency and 
how to implement those change.

1:2:1, 2:2:1 & private group training for all abilities can be booked through our office at

Swimming Terms and Conditions:

1. Wet-suits must be warn in cold water conditions below 15 degrees. (Consent can be granted to swim suit free in cold water conditions if you have proven cold water acclimatization experience) If you do not have a wet suit we have ZONE 3 suits available to hire and purchase at the Lagoon.

2. Bright Swim Hats must also be warn at all times when in the water and can be purchased lagoon side if you do not have one.

3. If you have not swum in open water before please make sure you have completed an introduction to open water swimming course with The SHAC.

4. Consumption of alcohol or drugs before entering the water is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to deny access to the water if any suspicion of drugs or alcohol use has taken place before entering the water.

5. Please make sure you bring a warm change of clothes and a hat for on both cold and sunny days.

Our Swimming Coaches

Our coaching team are STA Open water specific swim coaches trained by the best in the business and friend of The SHAC, double world champion Keri-Anne Payne.

The SHACs Coaches have years of teaching experience behind them and benefit from the most progressive approaches available in open water swimming today.