Wigwam Woods at Birtley House Bramley


Woodland Adventure Days at Wigwam Woods - Birtley House, Bramley

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Feb Half Term, Easter and May Half Term Dates now available. 


We Believe in the ethos “No such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.”

Children turning up with the wrong clothing is the biggest problem we have. Having the right clothes and shoes can make the difference between your child having a great time and being miserable. It’s up to you to make sure they come properly equipped, so please follow these guidelines.

You need to provide your child with appropriate foot- and outer-wear – stout shoes or boots are essential, plus warm clothes and a waterproof outer layer (top and bottom) – so WATERPROOF COAT AND TROUSERS. Long sleeves and long trousers also.


You need to feed them! We expect you to provide your child with food for the day, which should include: 

Drink to last the day (we do have fresh water on site) 
Mid Morning Snack 
Full Packed Lunch 
Afternoon Snack

Please bear in mind that your children will be outside all day, and active for a good part of that day, please pack their lunchboxes accordingly. Being hungry in the woods is even less fun than being cold.


The Session leader and assistant both hold a current outdoor first aid certificate, specializing in first aid in the outdoors. However, it is up to you to ensure that we have your child’s current medical information at the beginning of the session, and that they also have any medication (i.e. epi-pens and inhalers) with your child’s, name, medication and time of last dose/incident written clearly on the outside.

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