Tier 4 Rules for the SHAC.

The SHAC - Tier 4 rules.

In order for us to stay open and keep both you and the SHAC team safe please see rules below. 

1. Only people from Tier 4 can attend swim and paddling sessions.

2. Only come with up to 1 other person or people in your household. 

3. Swimming - 15 min rule applies - this limits the recovery time and allows us to prevent any grouping. This also reduces risk of in water rescues. 

4. Paddling with own board only and same rules as above apply. 

5. Please stick to all the social distancing and procedural rules we have put in place previously. 

6. Please do not attend if you or anyone in your household is displaying any symptoms.

Please find Booking links for cold water swimming and immersion and SUP Freeride sessions below. 

booking for winter cold water swim and immersion sessions for those that have kept up there acclimatisation process are now live. 6 people per session, all social distancing etc applies. 

Skin and Wetsuit swimmers all welcome but short slots still apply for all at this time. We have to reduce risk of in water rescue and hypothermia which treatment requires shac team having to get closer than 1m to help aid the recovery. This helps reduce the risk of needing to do that.

The cold water has massive benefits both physically and mentally but has to be respected particularly after a break in acclimatisation. The short sessions also help us manage the re acclimatisation process carefully for our swimmers. 

Water temp below 8 degrees. 

Swim times:

Wed 3-5pm 

Sat, Sun, Tues 9 - 11am 

Booking link. 



SAT - SUN - TUES 9-11am - WED - 3-5pm

SUP Freeride sessions booking links:

Book Freeride with own board: