The SHAC Covid 19 Update Nov 3rd 2020.

Covid 19 Update and how it impacts things at The SHAC. 

We are currently looking at and listening to the advice and information coming out regarding what we can and can’t do with regards all activities at the SHAC. 

Once we have a clearer understanding we will release information on our website and Social Media Platforms. At this time we ask you to hold fire on booking any sessions beyond Wednesday 5th November. If you have already booked we will be in touch in due course. Please bare with us, it may take a little while for us to respond and deal with emails and phone calls but we will get there. 

We off course want to be able to offer a safe place for you guys to swim and paddle for all the personal reasons that you come to us and as the temperatures drop and the conditions become more challenging and dangerous in wilder locations this is all the more important. We ask you not to risk your personal safety elsewhere at this time. 

In the increasingly likely event that we cannot run our activities we ask that all friends of the SHAC evaluate the risk carefully before partaking in any activity elsewhere and the given environment they may decide to carry it out in for the protection of you as individuals. 

We also ask you to more than ever take head of the advice we have given you regarding swimming and paddling  in cold water and taking your skills beyond your capabilities in the search of completing or satisfying a challenge or desire. These things will be there again in the near future. 

Please remember that cold water and winter conditions can kill faster than Covid. Stay safe and make good decisions.