Covid 19 - Let Nature be your medicine.

Let nature be your medicine

At The SHAC we are mindful of the Covid 19 virus & the impact that it is having on the world at large.  Our team are following the guidelines set out by government to keep the virus at bay & remain as healthy as possible. But like the majority of people in the U.K we have braced ourselves for what might be ahead while remaining healthy, strong & showing no symptoms of illness.
If you are a fellow active, or nature loving adventurer who is symptom free then we urge you to get outdoors & let nature be your medicine. It is well documented that being in the woods is good for our general health and wellbeing but did you know that it has been scientifically proven than being in the woods helps to improve our immune system?
Scientist tell us that breathing in phytoncides, airborne chemicals produced by trees & plants to protect themselves from germs & infections, increases our levels of white blood cells, helping us to fight off infections & diseases.
Being aware of this vital knowledge, we urge you to get outdoors when you can.
The SHAC will continuously monitor the fast paced progression of the Covid 19 virus & the health & safety of all of our participants & staff will remain our priority. We will, however, continue to run our outdoor woodland and water based activities in the confidence that if we all follow the Government & NHS guidelines we can stay as healthy as possible during this time. For further details please see the links below:-

Woodland Adventure Days
The SHAC Woodland Adventure Days consist of groups of up to a maximum of 16 children in a spacious, outdoor, woodland environment. We would urge you not to send your child on a Woodland Adventure Day if they are showing signs of illness of any kind, but especially a high temperature &/ or a new, persistent dry cough, but if they are fit & well then we would love them to join us. We will promote extra hand washing throughout the day (a great reason to get muddy) & have hand sanitiser gel available to use.

Open Water Swimming
Open water swimming has so many health benefits including promoting a healthy immune system so is ideal to maintain good health. As an open water swimmer you do not need to be in close proximity to others, making it a relatively safe activity & we will have hand sanitiser available on site if needed.

SUP (Stand Up paddleboarding)
Stand up paddleboarding is another great way to get outdoors & enjoy the health benefits offered by nature as you will be outdoors in a spacious environment & not in close proximity to other people.