Open Water Swimming Development Workshop

Open Water Swimming Development Workshop

Sunday 21st July
8.30am - 11am

This course has been designed to cover the following points and is ideal for people that have entered an event for the first time or looking to improve for the next one.

The course covers:

*Swimming responsibly/safely
*Preparation, risk assessment, swimming with a buddy and recovery.

*Introduce and develop OW specific skills such as sighting, turning round a buoy, drafting/pack swimming. 
*Recognising signs of hypothermia and fatigue in you and others. 
*Stroke analysis and tips for improvement.
*Practice swimming looking changing pace, overtaking and finishing.
*Racing, mass starts, feeding and training for endurance.

*Pre event preparation, warm up and warm down

The course is run by The SHACs STA Open Water Specific Swim Coaches Fiona and Skip - trained by Friend of The SHAC, Keri Anne Payne - Double World Champion Open Water Swimmer.