Ultimate Training Weekend - Stand Up paddle Boarding - Mountain Biking and Trail Running


Coming to Surrey First Weekend in July. Register your interest here: http://www.thesurreyhillsadventurecompany.com/p/blog-page_15.html



#supbikerun in partnership with SUPfit and The Surrey Hills Adventure Company have developed a 2-day training workshop with the focus on improving your skills and enjoyment no matter what your ability. Hosted at the stunning Llandegfedd Reservoir, this 2-day workshop is a rare opportunity to develop and learn new skills from a selection of highly skilled instructors. Working as a group but also 1-2-1 coaching, we will support you in developing a personal training programme in all three disciplines.

DAY-1 (10am-1pm) | SUP – 3hr Workshop (SUP boards and paddles provided)

The sessions will have something for all levels and abilities, from learning the basics to fine tuning your stroke, the training workshop will benefit:
  • Novices looking to learn the basic strokes and techniques
  • Intermediate/advanced paddlers wanting to hone techniques and looking to get fitter, faster and stronger for the first event
  • All paddlers that want to check out and trial the course before the first event
We will look at technique to ensure you are confident on the board and paddling in different weather conditions, moving onto skill sessions to get you round the course faster.
  • SUP Equipment: Boards, paddles, and safety equipment
  • Paddle Technique: Breaking down the stroke
  • Turns: Basic turns & buoy turns
  • Paddle Strokes: Upwind and downwind paddling
  • We would work on the above first in ideally a sheltered location and then head round the course to explore the reservoir. Reservoir exploration including understanding the course, how different weather conditions could affect the course and adjustments that should be made.
After the workshop we would look at:
  • Intervals – cadence/stroke rate, energy systems.
  • Race starts – How to get off the start line fast
  • Training plans – What?  Why?  When? Training plan for the 6 weeks leading up to the event
  • Warming up – Improve your performance

DAY-1 (2pm-5pm) | BIKE – 3hr Workshop (bring your own bike)

Technique and skills session including observation and correction clinic for the fundamental skills required riding the course with confidence, speed and success. This will include the following fundamentals.
  • Bike setup and safety checks.
  • The Core Position – Rebuilding a rider’s mainstay position working on hands, head and feet.
  • Efficient and safe breaking – When, where and how?
  • Using the pocket – When, where and how?
  • Push not Pull – How to tackle various trail features, learning “The Push Technique” to deal with Roots, rocks, drops etc. increases speed and improves safety.
  • Pumping – When, where and how?
  • Climbing – Useful skills to improve climbing technique that will conserve energy and improve performance.
  • Cornering – How to get the most out of a corner and to ride at speed with confidence.
  • Entry/Section/Exit – Learning to deal with changes in the terrain within the course.
  • Hydration, energy management and fuel.
  • The Llandegfedd course – Understanding the course, knowing what’s coming, when to push and when to take a break.
  • Training plan for the 6 weeks leading up to the event
  • Equipment – Shoes (flats versus clip-ins/full suspension versus hard tail / 26″ 27.5″ 29″/ Pedal types/ Tyre setups pressures / tube versus tubeless
  • Weather conditions – adjustments that should be made.
  • Suspension settings and benefits – When? Where? Why?
The course will have something for everyone and will suit the following category of riders:
  • Experienced MTB riders that have never had any skills instruction or been through an observation and correction clinic, riders themselves can never see how they ride from the third person and it can really help to have a trained third eye to identify the things that can be improved, corrected or changed in order to improve speed, technique and safety.
  • Road riders coming across to ride MTB for this event or have just started riding MTB after time spent on road bikes. The techniques and skills are fundamentally different and road riders can really benefit from having body position and riding techniques re built before taking on a course like LLandegfedd.
  • New comers – less experienced MTB riders looking to improve, riders that want to learn how to improve for their first off-road event or participants returning from 2016 looking to improve their course time and enjoyment.

DAY-2 (10am-1pm) | RUN – 3hr Workshop (Salomon trail shoes allocated upon arrival)

Our how to trail run workshop is open to all abilities and delivered to support the following people:
  • Road runners making the transition to off-road trails
  • Novices looking to learn the basics to support and increase their enjoyment out on the trails
  • Intermediate to advanced runners looking to fine tune their skills, understand and be more in tune with their body and to learn techniques to increase speed and agility
Each runner will engage in-group training but also experience 1-2-1 tuition. During the workshop you will learn:
  • Hydration and fueling your body both pre-event and during the event
  • How to develop a sensible running routine no matter how busy your life
  • Altering your pacing, cadence and breathing when changing terrains
  • Adapting your posture and foot placement to deal with technical terrain
  • Reviewing gait and foot placement to conserve energy and prevent muscle fatigue
  • Gear review subject to terrain, distances and weather
Please see pictures below from our Wales Training Weekend: