The SHAC Covid 19 Update Nov 3rd 2020.

Covid 19 Update and how it impacts things at The SHAC. 

We are currently looking at and listening to the advice and information coming out regarding what we can and can’t do with regards all activities at the SHAC. 

Once we have a clearer understanding we will release information on our website and Social Media Platforms. At this time we ask you to hold fire on booking any sessions beyond Wednesday 5th November. If you have already booked we will be in touch in due course. Please bare with us, it may take a little while for us to respond and deal with emails and phone calls but we will get there. 

We off course want to be able to offer a safe place for you guys to swim and paddle for all the personal reasons that you come to us and as the temperatures drop and the conditions become more challenging and dangerous in wilder locations this is all the more important. We ask you not to risk your personal safety elsewhere at this time. 

In the increasingly likely event that we cannot run our activities we ask that all friends of the SHAC evaluate the risk carefully before partaking in any activity elsewhere and the given environment they may decide to carry it out in for the protection of you as individuals. 

We also ask you to more than ever take head of the advice we have given you regarding swimming and paddling  in cold water and taking your skills beyond your capabilities in the search of completing or satisfying a challenge or desire. These things will be there again in the near future. 

Please remember that cold water and winter conditions can kill faster than Covid. Stay safe and make good decisions.

Halloween fancy dress night paddle and moonlight swim under the full moon - 31st OCTOBER

Booking for our Halloween, Fancy Dress, Full Moon Night Paddle and Swm at The SHAC now available. 
Our moonlight swim is running from 5-7pm and you can book here if you are a registered SHAC swimmer.
If you are not a registered swimmer with us please register on our open water swimming page):

Come and paddle with the SHAC beneath the stars this halloween and dont forget your fancy dress. bring your own SUP or book one with the SHAC. Please see booking links below.
(Previous paddling experience and self rescue experience required before booking. Please do not book if you don’t know how to self rescue)

Under 14 yrs old lagoon only accompanied by an adult. 

Social distancing and standard Covid safety procedures apply. Register and see procedures here: 

Booking links: 


November/Dec Swim Time Changes and advice on winter swimming.

Swimming sessions October

Sunday 09.00 - 11.00

Tuesday 09.30 - 11.00

Wednesday 16.00 -17.00

Saturday 09.00 - 11.00

If you are new to open water swimming at the SHAC please click here to register and book.

If you are already a registered SHAC swimmer please 
CLICK HERE to book your swim.

As the season starts to change from Summer to Autumn and the water temperature starts to drop, remember to come to your open water swim session prepared for post swim warming up.

As we come into Autumn/winter swimming take advantage of the SHACs 10% Discount on all Zone 3 Swimming wetsuits and equipment. 
Please use link below:

Winter Swimming Advice 
No 1: wooly hat - we loose most heat through our heads. This is a quick and effective way of bringing up core temperature..
No 2: Hot Drink - This helps warm the core temperature from the inside and if in a mug helps warm hands.
No.3: Easy to get on warm Jacket like a #changerobe #dryrobe or #swimzi.

No 4: Start taking daily cold showers now to increase your bodies tolerance to cold water combined with regular swimming as the temperature drops.

No 5: Don't over do it, less is more as the temperature drops, you should always reduce your swim time as the temperature drops particularly below 16 degrees. At this temperature suits are mandatory unless you have a cold water swim history with us from previous years or can provide evidence of your experience. 

As the water temperature drops we need to become more aware of the dangers. hypothermia can go unnoticed and set in fast so reduce your swim time, it becomes Less about the distance you swim and more about the benefits of the cold water both mentally and physically but we must become aware of any changes in our body as an indication that our time is up. Less is more.

We swim year round at the SHAC and we will be running our Cold Water Swimming Course within the next few weeks. Cold water swimming has to be a regular thing to allow the body to acclimatize to the cold water over a period time.
Look out for notices coming soon on our social Media if you're interested in continuing to swim into the winter.
#openwaterswimming #coldwaterswimming #swimsafe #theshac

10% Discount on all Zone 3 equipment with The SHAC

10% discount on all Zone3 swimming kit with The SHAC. 

If you need to buy a Open Water Swimming Suit or any associated equipment we are pleased to offer you a 10% discount on all Zone3 Equipment. Please use this link:

Junior Open Water Swimming is Back.

We are delighted to be able to finally bring back our Junior Swimmers under some specific guidelines and parental understand and agreement to current additional risk of Covid 19. All details and booking link available via the link below. 

Please read carefully before proceeding with you booking and make sure you can meet all the requirements we have set before booking. 

If you book without meeting the requirements and arrive un prepared for the assessment you will not be permitted access and no refunds will be given. Thank you for your support and understanding in this matter.  

Parents that are also swimmers can book a place with there junior and swim at the same time. In this case please book for both of you so we can continue to manage our numbers effectively to maintain social distancing.

Thursdays 5-6pm.
Saturdays 8-9am

Junior swimming Explained: