SUP River Safaris


The SHACs SUP River Safaris, taking paddle boarding to the next level.

Please click here for details and bookings for our SUP River Safari's for August

Once you have started your stand up paddle boarding adventure on a SHACs Introduction to SUP session at the Lagoon or hold a BSUPA ready to ride certificate you can move your SUP Adventures on to the next level and try out one of our SUP River Safaris.

There are 3 different levels of River Safari that we offer and are known as Class 1, 2 and 3 and the class is linked to the technical ability required, the type of water being paddled and in some cases the duration of the paddle.


 (If you need to complete an introduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding course before booking a SUP River Safari Class 2 or 3 we run 2 regular sessions on a Thursday evening at the SHACs SUP Lagoon Near Reigate Surrey - Please click on the link below for dates, times and bookings) 



Class 1

Our Class one River Safari is for paddlers that have limited or no experience of SUP River Paddling and are a great way to learn about the rules of the river and the dangers that can be around when paddling rivers in the UK. This Safari is Run on Canal Sections of the River Wey near Guildford and is the one to choose if you are a first timer on the River. Our first Class 1 SUP River Safari on the 13th May is now fully booked - New date for the next one coming soon.

With our Class 1 and 2 Safaris you can book these as private sessions so if you have a group of 4 + get in touch and we can arrange a safari just for you.


 Class 2

A step up from our Class 1 River Safari taking in both Canal and Moving Water sections of the River Wey, this paddle offers a great introduction to moving water whilst giving paddlers time to find their paddling feet before moving onto so moving water. This Safari offers some stunning scenery and views and also takes in a breath taking 11th Century ruin. Our first class 2 SUP River Safari dates will be released soon.


 Class 3

Takes you straight on the moving water of the River Mole and requires more technical ability than class 1 and class 2 River Safaris, this is gained by more time on the water under instruction, so if you have done a Class 1 or 2 River Safari or more club sessions at the lagoon you will be able to partake in this SUP adventure. Our First class 3 SUP River Safari date to be released soon.